Water Irrigation Innovation Grants

A competitive grants program to drive investment in innovative water use concepts.

Water Irrigation Innovation Grants

Disclaimer: All Royalties for Regions funded programs are currently under review by the WA State Government. To contact the Water for Food program directly, please email

A competitive grants program to further unlock the potential and drive investment in innovative water use for agriculture, supporting local industry development in regional, remote and rural areas.

The project will enable regions often overlooked for new agriculture potential to engage in growth and innovative solutions (for example Murchison/Goldfields, pastoral hinterland and the Eastern Wheatbelt).

The $20 million Water Irrigation Innovations Grants program will run for four years, providing up to $5 million each year through two funding rounds, encouraging industry-led ideas and solutions to optimise use of the State’s water assets.

Funding will be considered for regional projects such as closed system technologies for horticultural enterprises, the development of feasibility and market studies, demonstration and infrastructure projects.

Projects will need to be proponent driven and must demonstrate the capacity to leverage investment for the community, the region and the economy.

The program will:

  • Encourage industry-led ideas and solutions for water use to create industry and jobs.
  • Increase focus on how regional communities might be able to use water resources to create agrifood industries.
  • Increase diversity of supply chains and risk management by having production more widely dispersed around Western Australia.
Proposals must include:
  • How the proposal is innovative and clearly articulate what the benefits are to industry and the regional community
  • The level of co-contribution either in kind or cash from the recipient
  • The ability and capability to undertake the proposed works
  • Adequate concept development, including indicative budget, timelines and deliverables will also be required
Who can apply?
The following groups are eligible to apply for funding:
  • Local government authorities
  • Community groups that are incorporated bodies
  • Businesses, provided a clear community benefit can be demonstrated
  • Consortia of any of the above
Funding Timeline
Two funding rounds will be conducted each year over the next four years.  The first round of funding will open in 2017.
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