Midlands: Groundwater and Land Assessment

Investigating groundwater availability in the area between Gingin and Dongara, one of the most economically promising irrigation zones in the State.

Proposed Timeline

  • Project launched

    April 2015
  • Development of focus area selection criteria

    June 2015
  • Irwin and Dinner Hill selected as focus areas

    Dec 2015
  • Infrastructure assessment completed (1)

    June 2016
  • Water investigations commenced

    June 2016
  • Irwin drilling program commenced

    September 2016
  • North Perth Basin hydrogeology and groundwater report released

    January 2017
  • Soil and land assessment completed

    December 2017
  • Water investigations completed

    December 2017
  • Crop and climate analysis completed

    December 2017
  • High Quality Agricultural Land assessment and final information package released

    June 2018
  • Water yield and availability for irrigated horticulture information released

    February 2019
  • Sub-project completed

    June 2019

Midlands: Groundwater and Land Assessment

Already producing a significant proportion of Western Australian fresh fruit and vegetables, and with large tracts of relatively inexpensive grazing land close to Perth, the Midlands region offers extensive opportunities for irrigated horticultural expansion.

In partnership with a range of local stakeholders, this project will undertake detailed groundwater investigations in the Irwin area near Dongara and the Dinner Hill area north of Dandaragan, to determine the quantity and quality of water available, as well as further infrastructure, soil and crop analysis to identify suitable land to support growth in the region.

A comprehensive information package covering the region’s local water resources, soil types, crop suitability and local infrastructure, is being compiled and will be made available to the community, local growers and potential investors as it becomes available.

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