Why Western Australia?

Why Western Australia?

Why Western Australia? 

With its proximity to the strongest growing region in the world, Asia, Western Australia is well placed for export expansion. The opportunity is in supplying high growth premium markets, particularly in Asia where Australia has a freight advantage, and counter-seasonal advantages over Northern Hemisphere competitors.
Covering a total land area of 2,529,875 square kilometres, Western Australia has the natural resources to capitalise on this opportunity. It also has a long and successful export history, with established trade relationships and open trade arrangements with some of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets.
An investment in irrigated agriculture is a strategic decision geared around sustainability and capitalising on Western Australia’s strong market advantages, including:
Growing water security: all agriculture relies on the availability of water. State and Federal Governments are investing in irrigated agriculture across the country, and Western Australia’s $127.5 million Water for Food program is part of this bigger plan.

Close links to Asia-Pacific region: Western Australia’s geographic proximity, trade, investment and cultural links to the Asia-Pacific region means it is well positioned to be a significant supplier of food to this growing market.  

Capacity to increase production for export: Western Australia currently exports up to 80% of its agricultural production.

Quality infrastructure: Western Australia has established road, rail and port infrastructure with a capacity to export large volumes of produce efficiently.

Supportive government: the State and Federal Governments are working closely to support growth - building infrastructure, encouraging trade, and investing in research that drives productivity growth and opens new overseas markets.

Strong rural communities: Western Australia’s network of rural communities provide unrivalled local knowledge and a strong work ethic.

Innovative Research and Development: in Australia, $1.5 billion is invested annually in agricultural and rural research and development.  Australian farmers use technology and practices that are leading edge and well adapted to their environment.

Reputation: with strong bio-security regulations, Australia’s agribusiness and food sector is renowned for clean, green and safe production.


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