Who Can Invest?

Who Can Invest?

The diverse development opportunities offered through the Water for Food program will suit local, national and international investors.
A number of projects are being assessed, which will identify new and innovative water resource options for established agricultural precincts. This will allow current enterprises to expand as well as attracting new investors in these areas. Other projects, such as the Knowsley Agricultural Area near Derby are being explored for potential large-scale irrigation development, which may be attractive to third party public or private investors.

As growth in mining eases, interest in Australian agriculture remains high as investors seek to diversify and capitalise on high demand for safe, premium food products. 
Australian agriculture assets and agribusinesses are particularly valued as real, tangible options which appeal as long-term and low-risk investments, as opposed to capital assets such as stocks and bonds.  

Australian agriculture has a history of attracting international investment and this has played an important role in the development of the sector.


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