How We Can Help?

How We Can Help?

Australia has the highest level of arable land per capita in the world and Western Australia is the nation’s largest state.  However, this potential has been largely untapped due to water availability. The key to unlocking this potential is securing a sustainable water supply.
The focus of the Water for Food project is identifying water, land resources and actions to facilitate investment so that Western Australian agriculture can realise this opportunity. Water for Food is undertaking a number of water investigation projects designed to increase food production, by defining water source availability for the establishment of new irrigation areas and increasing the size and water efficiency of existing irrigation districts.
Facilitating this investment has the potential to enable Western Australia’s fresh food and animal protein production to increase its contribution to regional economies by at least 50 per cent by 2025, and twofold by 2050.
Water for Food’s investment facilitation services are focused on local and international investment outcomes to build capability and enhance productivity for Western Australia’s irrigated agriculture industry.

Water for Food is working to assist investors by:

  • defining new water source availability 
  • identifying suitable project locations 
  • defining investment opportunities within its project areas
  • coordination and assistance for irrigated agriculture investment enquiries
  • facilitating the development of suitable investment opportunities and identification of potential partners
  • providing information on tenure options to support investment in potential agricultural sites in Western Australia
  • advising on Western Australian government approvals, regulatory requirements and licencing processes
  • providing advice on other external resources available, including information on the Australian business and regulatory environment

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