Lead Ministers

Lead Ministers

HON Mia Davies MLA

Minister for Water; Forestry; Sport and Recreation

Water for Food will bring more water to the irrigated agriculture sector in Western Australia’s regional areas and expand its productive and export potential.

“Clearly one of our greatest opportunities to create new food production centres is the under-developed rangelands where 435 pastoral stations cover nearly 87 million hectares, or 34.4 per cent of the State.”


HON Terry Redman MLA

Minister for Regional Development; Lands and
Assisting the Minister for State Development

Water for Food will seek to unlock the potential for intensive agriculture by identifying the most appropriate forms of land tenure to promote agricultural investment in Western Australia’s rangelands.

“The objective is to potentially provide existing pastoral lease holders with priority access to secure an alternative land tenure that attracts capital into higher-value activities, such as irrigation.”


HON Mark Lewis MLC

Minister for Agriculture and Food

"Western Australia’s internationally recognised high quality agrifood industry is a key part of the State’s economy.

After first identifying and working on the viability of these water and land resources some five years ago, as Minister for Agriculture and Food I am confident that initiatives such as Water for Food will assist in progressing these opportunities.”