About Water for Food 


Water for Food is a $40 million State Government program delivering eleven projects with the aim of significantly increasing irrigated agriculture across Western Australia.

The program extends from the Kimberley region to the Great Southern and is at the core of Western Australia’s strategic approach to lift productivity in agriculture while building export supply chains and encouraging capital investment in regional industries.

The primary objective of Water for Food is to identify water and land resources, as well as irrigation technologies, that can enable Western Australia’s fresh food and animal protein production to increase its contribution to regional economies by at least 50 per cent by 2025 and twofold by 2050.

The program will support public and private sector investment decisions for new commercial scale irrigated agriculture precincts and the expansion of existing areas, by identifying where water is available, along with its quality and quantity.

It will assist Western Australian food producers to respond to the opportunity presented by the strong growth in demand for high quality food both locally and in Asia.


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